Executive Committee

Phil Entwistle: Phil is studying for a DPhil in Politics at Merton College, Oxford University. He has been hooked on China since spending a year teaching English in deepest Henan in 2004-5. His time is now taken up with travelling between Oxford and Beijing, analysing the latest research on China, and memorising endless Hanzi. He is married to the lovely Aiman.

Adam Tyndall: Adam knows the value of youth dialogue programmes having been captivated by China on a British Council trip in 2008. Since that first trip, he has returned to teach English language summer schools, travel the Silk Road and represent the UK at the EU-China Year of Youth Opening Summit. Whilst studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University, he co-coordinated the UK’s largest student-run international development conference and co-founded CBYA. Based in London, he has worked in the UK parliament and now works in communications for a major transport infrastructure project.