Schedule & Agenda

‘China Britain 3.0: Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Innovation’

China’s rapid economic growth has brought the problem of sustainable development to the world’s attention.  The first China-Britain Youth Dialogue seeks to encourage future leaders to discuss the issue of how Britain and China can work together to ensure that both countries can grow successfully whilst reducing the impact upon the natural environment.  In particular, the Dialogue will focus on the role that business, technology, and education can play in addressing such problems.

Monday 3rd October 2011

Delegates Arrive

Welcome Briefings

Cultural Training and Language Class provided by CRCC Asia

Opening Dinner

Tuesday 4th October 2011

A day of cultural activities sponsored by CRCC Asia

Visit to the Great Wall

Evening trip to Wangfujing Dajie

Wednesday 5th October 2011

Session One: The Stretched Earth

How has China’s rapid economic development brought the issue of sustainability to prominence?

Session Two: Making Good Money

How can businesses create profitable, sustainable economic growth?

An evening reception hosted by the Deputy Head of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Beijing.

Thursday 6th October 2011

Session Three: High Tech, Low Impact

How can scientific and technological innovation contribute to sustainability?

Session Four: The Next Phase

What is the interaction between international private law and sustainability? (Session held in association with the China Britain Law Institute)

Closing Gala Evening: A Smart Future

Future leaders address the issue of sustainability and the China-Britain relationship.

A celebratory banquet is served.


Each of the first four sessions followed the same format:

45 mins – Expert Speaker Presentations

45 mins – Q & As

30 mins – Tea Break

60 mins – Small Group Discussions